Project Assistant

Syntheses and characterization of first row transition metal complexes.

R. Yasodha

July 2017-February 2018

Postdoctoral Fellow

Application of Rare earth complexes in homogeneous catalysis

Abdul Sakoor

April-July 2018

BS-MS-Project Student

Transition metal catalyzed syntheses of small organic molecules.

Nabadip Chaudhury

Semester Project : August-December 2017
Summer Project : 2017 and 2018

Int-PhD Semester Project

Syntheses and Characterization of small organic molecules

Rohit Kumar

August-November 2018

Summer Project 2019

Organocatalyzed syntheses of small organic molecules and their characterization techniques

Sutirtha Chattopadhy

(IISER T/BS-MS-2nd Year)

June-July 2019

Summer Project 2019

Syntheses and characterization of substituted Cp derivatives

Surya Swaroop Dash

(IISER K/BS-MS-2ndYear)

June-July 2019